Managed Accident Repairs

With Fleetlogic, we ensure that you save time, money and effort when your vehicle is involved in an incident. We have one aim and that is to provide fast, efficient and competitively priced accident repair management as a result of the following:

  • Nationwide repair network
  • Roadside recovery with 120 minutes
  • Repatriation of driver and load
  • Relief vehicle provision
  • Repair estimate within 48 hours
  • Liaison with insurance company
  • Smart repair methodology
  • Specialist vehicle repairs
  • Typically 10 day turnaround on damaged vehicles
  • Robust repair progress control
reduce total incident
  • Incident Cost Control
  • Increased Uptime
  • Reduced Hire Periods
  • Reduced Renewal Premiums


reduce total incident
  • First Notification of Loss
  • Speedy Data Capture and Transfer
  • Comprehensive Management Information
  • Bespoke Reports Available


reduce total incident
  • Prompt Incident Attendance
  • Proactive Third Party Assistance
  • Efficient Repatriation of Driver and Load
  • Quality Vehicle Repairs


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VEHICLE Downtime Management and Cost Effective Repairs are our number one priority as unnecessary fleet downtime and unbudgeted costs cause commercial vehicle operators major headaches.